Quinashai Chelette A Different Vibe from New Orleans

November 20, 2021 0

Q.-Chelette-4-500x190 Quinashai Chelette A Different Vibe from New Orleans

Exactly who is Quinashai Chelette and where did she come from? If you ask us, she came from whichever way “The Wind Blows”. Specifically, southeast of the country in that beautiful little big city booming with music and culture they call Nawlins.

With many talented music artists trying to make it out of New Orleans alone, Q. Chelette definitely has a signature sound compared to other up and coming artists. I don’t know about you, but we are going to keep a special eye out on Q. Chelette as she continues to release music so we can get to know her a little better artistically, because each single that she has released so far has given a completely different vibe, but in some sensual and charismatic way, it still fits her… voice that is.

For example, let’s talk about her newest single “The Wind Blows” and how she decided to narrate a story she wrote about a close friend, but from her own perspective, hoping that there would be a lesson to learn for everyone by the end of the song. “She told me to write her a poem that would help her put into words how exactly to feel. So, I embodied her pain, a pain that I have yet to experience & I iced her broken heart on my words to preserve it while she healed. Then I made it into a song.” Q. Chelette wrote on her Instagram page when she released a snippet of the song before it was released late summer. “If we take time to stop and process life, I think we can learn from each other’s life experiences”.

Now let’s talk about the official music video “The Wind Blows”. I know many don’t read the info box section below YouTube videos unless it’s absolutely necessary, but the visual concept was written so beautifully, we didn’t see any point in writing a new one and we paraphrased it for you. “Confessing to a broken heart caused by an emotionally unstable lover, she is left stuck between a rock and a hard place; having to choose between giving unconditional love or offering something she had been neglecting herself of; self-love. After soaking in a karmic infused bubble bath, Q. Chelette decides not to engage in the toxic game of “get back”, but instead she gracefully bows out to offer space for forgiveness, healing, and growth to all who are willing to receive”. Definitely not the type of message a lot of female or male rappers are sending out today.

Q. Chelette first popped up on the scene when she debuted “NOLA Runway Mix (2020)”. A runway song she used to represent New Orleans local designers, stylists and business owners. Yes, she also made her debut as a fashion designer that same weekend with her runway styled couture 2ndline umbrella line, “Shades of Shai” aka SOS Fashion House (pronounced /sôs/ sauce) in Brooklyn, New York. “I choose to embrace my culture by giving 2nd line umbrellas more of a presence in the fashion world, but I was debuting in New York, so instead of giving my song a New Orleans sound or vibe, I decided shout out just a few movers and shakers in the fashion world of New Orleans. I didn’t even market it because I wasn’t planning on “dropping it”. The models in New York were having so much trouble accessing the mp3 file, so I made sure they had no excuse and I distributed it to all streaming platforms lol”, Q. Chelette explains. Even though “NOLA Runway Mix” didn’t really get Q. Chelette’s name out there, her official single debut “Rio de Janeiro” sure did get the people talking when the song landed a spot during the NOLA Next new artist rotation hosted on Thursdays by the Q93 radio station number 1 for New Orleans hip-hop and R&B 4 months after its release; and to our knowledge, it is still on rotation 3 months later. I know you have the time to check out this hot new artist Quinashai Chelette. Since she’s choosing to show love, let’s show some back and welcome her into the Hip Hop Community with love.


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