Rising D.C. rapper Balla

August 10, 2021 0
image2 Rising D.C. rapper Balla
Balla’s new single “Ghosted”, dropping August 20

With features such as Big Scarr and Big 30, it’s only a matter of time until Balla takes over the rap game. His new music video to “Ghosted” is dropping on the 20th of August. Balla has seen much success lately. The rapper has been especially appreciated because his music tells a story, a story of the real Washington D.C. and its hoods, not the crimeless, tourist side of the city.

While he makes no secret about what he went through, including a lengthy jail stint, Balla’s authenticity and resilience continually project themselves as he tackles different obstacles. His new single “Ghosted” will be available across all streaming platforms on the 20th of August. 


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