RISK TAKERS: 10 Famous Rappers That Gamble

January 15, 2021 0
dice-5309371_1280 RISK TAKERS: 10 Famous Rappers That Gamble

It’s no secret that the world of gambling is the world of risk and reward. Whether one shows up physically, or finds the best online casino around, the goal and outcomes are the same. The lifestyle and notoriety that comes with the lucky cash prizes is one of the most admired aspects. Even some of your favorite lavish-lifestyle living rappers still aim for the bag too, in-person at tables or on the best online casino they can find! Many people insinuate that celebrities involve themselves in the gambling world for publicity, but some of them simply enjoy the fun, like everyone else. 

Despite their luxury and fame, gambling is not easier for one person than the other. It’s fair and square, and is a world of risk and reward. From physical games, to gambling on Below is a list of famous rappers who engage in the world of risk and reward as well.


JAY-Z-puts-money-into-fitness-startup-company-CLMBR RISK TAKERS: 10 Famous Rappers That Gamble

Brooklyn native superstar Jay-Z may be renowned for decades worth of legendary rap music and marrying one of the biggest megastars in the world like Beyonce. But he also has a sturdy hand at high stakes tables he might be seen playing around the world. He is also great at black jack and online poker games.

P. Diddy

Diddy is known for luxury and living a hard earned high-end lifestyle. Known to be humbly flashy, it comes to surprise that Diddy likes to win the big jackpots, too! You can catch him playing at high stakes tables, with his preferred game choice of blackjack. 

50 Cent

A natural born hustler, it may seem to be no surprise that 50 Cent is into the life of risk and reward too. With his music-based popularity soaring in the early 2000s, you may know 50 now for his immaculate TV show series POWER, and beyond. 50 was a big sport better, like the time he bet a grand 1.6million on Floyd Mayweather in his fight against Manny Pacquiao.


Rappers aren’t always just into music, and you can catch the Champagne Papi himself at high stakes tables every now and then. No stranger to gambling, even Drake understands when you win some, you lose some. 

Young Thug

Earning the name ‘Slime’ from his sturdy hand in gambling circles, aside from the money and fame that followed his rap career, Thug is a hustler. With his choice of gambling being high stakes dice games and poker, Thugger Thugger already has the winning hand perfected.


Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman is surely one to attract cash, especially with his substantial success in the music industry. No secret to Birdman being a casino player, he places bets on internet wagering games, sports, & gambling enterprises. For example, he won 1,000,000+ betting on the Packers.

Meek Mill

Renowned Philly native rap star Meek Mill has an incredible story, and we’ve seen him work his way up to living an incredible lifestyle. He too, can be seen gambling by playing his preferred game of roulette.


Famous artist Nelly has also gambled playing Texas Hold Em. His love for poker has been expressed in many eventful fashions. To this day, you can see him at high stakes tables. He was recently seen in press for an event taking place at a casino during a poker game. 


Jadakiss, renowned Philadelphia lyricist, is known for his hardcore ways and his lit rap career. He is also into the gambling industry, more recently online. Jadakiss has been seen promoting online betting games, with his promo code. Finding the best online casino is important.

 Floyd Mayweather

Even though famous boxer Floyd Mayweather is known for his epic fights, he was interestingly at one point in time a rapper. Floyd Mayweather is a big time sports better.

These famous men garner great notoriety for their work, and reap great  benefits because of it. But as famous as they are, they are still humans. And some humans just like to gamble. With

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