Shawty Dred Is An Influencer And Artist Catching The Attention Of Many

June 22, 2021 0
255936D1-C608-4232-B6AF-E15C6066C38D Shawty Dred Is An Influencer And Artist Catching The Attention Of Many

Shawty Dred AKA Mercedes Reshard New (#TheSkitGod) is a man known to stir up some noise. Born September 26th, 1987 the young influencer has paved his own lane within the social media community. Setting the trend for many to follow, Shawty Dred is an Atlanta native with a large following that has caught the attention of many. From the social media world, music and running a few businesses, Shawty Dred is a modern day entrepreneur that continues to succeed in any thing he sets his mind to. From working the trap to being beside Shawty Lo, Shawty Dred is a unique individual that caught our attention and continues to power up. Today, we took some time to sit down with Shawty Dred and ask him a few questions.

The fans want to know, where have you been?

Honestly I took all the money I’ve made from Instagram and I’m opening up restaurants across Atlanta Georgia. and I’m taking my brands that I fund out of my own pocket Which are “Shawty Dred LLC”, “HEYYY PARTNAAA” & “. “ to the next level. And all of my restaurants will be under my companies and I plan to open a total of three restaurants and one strip club in Atlanta Georgia under my brands.

Can we expect Shawty Dred to come back with the skits and content that he once was setting the trend for?

You will have to wait and see lol

What’s next for Shawty Dred?

World domination lol

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Gucci Mane

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Having $100 million in my bank account.

Make sure to follow Shawty Dred on Instagram @RichLifeShawtyDred

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