Your Music is a Reflection of Your Personality, says Amer Sal Mohammed

December 2, 2021 0

ab0cd43a-4a23-4109-ad0e-5e0715961531-333x500 Your Music is a Reflection of Your Personality, says Amer Sal Mohammed

Music is a very personal thing for everyone. Your taste in music speaks to something deeper about who you are, where you have been, and what you have experienced. Amer Sal Mohammed says there is always a connection between your music taste and your personality. Even for people who like different types of music, it expresses their fascination with various aspects of life.


As an event planner, artist, and graphic designer, Mohammed explains that music is a big part of human existence. There is a sense of kinship formed when you meet someone with a similar music taste as you. He believes this makes us feel like the person relates to our experiences and shares our views on various things.


Your taste in music, therefore, reflects your style since music is a form of expression. From the moment you listen to a song, you form a relationship with it. You pick and choose the songs that speak to you and about you. Mohammed adds that despite music having a different meaning for everyone, people will always gravitate towards what resonates with them.


Amer Sal Mohammed strongly believes that your preference for music is not accidental. Through different stages of your life, you will notice yourself getting fascinated by different types of music. For instance, abstract thinkers mostly like music with abstract lyrics.


People tend to refute this claim, especially for people who listen to a wide range of music genres. However, despite the composition of your playlist, the songs you’ve selected are there for a reason, either to set the mood or to help you through something. According to Mohammed, people get so defensive about their music taste because that’s a reflection of who they are. So, if you don’t like their choice of music, it’s like you’re directly saying you dislike them.


Our choices in music are our unconscious efforts to define ourselves and use this as a way to connect to others. Your music taste can help you understand yourself a lot better, especially when you know it plays into your personality.

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