Alex Grell Murphy and the BabyPom Coin

September 23, 2021 0

unnamed-24 Alex Grell Murphy and the BabyPom Coin

During the peak of the 2020 Pandemic, Alex Grell Murphy brainstormed for days about the creation of the BabyPom coin. He thought about all the other coins who mimicked the “doge” coin which really had no use for it. He thought of everything that coin could have done to actually bring more revenue in for consumers. Thus the birth of BabyPom came about and it is more than just a coin. In the beginning, Murphy began to think about the image of Pomeranians. The coin signifies prosperity because Pomeranians are known to be associated with wealth dating back to 1888. Queen Charlotte of England was known to have a Pomeranian roaming the Royal palace. Murphy wanted to develop a coin that represented wealth with the capacity to give back to charity.
The BabyPom coin launched at the top of Fall 2021. Embossed with the richness of the illustrious Pomeranian, it is projected to be the most sought after coin of its kind. As a community-driven token that it stands out as the leader among other crypto currencies. The charity attribute alone will make it bypass other coins in the market. “I have a very attractive Pomeranian. He pulls more attention than the law allows. Now imagine all of the attention the BabyPom coin is going to receive once it’s released.” States Alex. Follow BabyPom on all social media platforms and the website

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