Learn Tips and Tricks of Photography with Imagesbyahmadj

June 21, 2021 0
image0-69 Learn Tips and Tricks of Photography with Imagesbyahmadj

Originally named Ahmad Jordan aka PitchaMane, imagesbyahmadj is a leading figure in photography from Dallas Texas. From knowing nothing to becoming a professional photographer, the journey has never been easy for Ahmad. He always believed in his dream of becoming one of the most sought-after photographers from Texas; thus, followed his passion for photography, and today, he is known as one of the prominent photographers worldwide.

Starting his career as Photographer

Imagesbyahmadj was working as a bartender at the beginning of his professional career. Although, he first bought a camera on June 6th, 2016, to follow his passion for photography; however, he knew nothing about this work. The only thing that he was aware of was “clicking the button” to capture any picture. He did not know what he should do, thus, left using his camera with a loss heart.

Passion never leaves a person’s heart and mind, so his inner child was looking back to use that camera again. He picked up his camera back after months and started learning again how to use the camera. He taught himself the different techniques of using the camera such as lighting, advanced editing, various poses, etc. This helped him having a grip on using the camera with different angles. Hence, he became a professional artist by developing his creativity and style.

Today, he is known as one of the hottest photographers from Dallas Texas. He credits his success to the consistency and hard work that he always did to ace this challenge. According to him, “Success comes when you are consistent”, his work ethic is what put him in his lane. 

His work speaks for itself and can be found at www.imagesbyahmadj.com, which is full of his creative photography. Until now, imagesbyahmadj has worked with many celebrities, fashion gurus, upcoming small businesses, etc., and is taking photography by storm in Texas. For his unique and creative work, he has won several awards in Dallas and has several different magazine publications which gave him fame worldwide.

His Contact Information

He loves to interact with his fans and those who want to learn the tips and tricks for photography. To contact him, imagesbyahmadj is almost available on every social media platform including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Those who want to approach him can him on Instagram or by sending an email at imagesbyahmadj on IG & [email protected]


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