The Amazon employee was terminated after being called the N-word by white residents

September 11, 2021 0
jakayla-toney-JqkIot9kd4-unsplash The Amazon employee was terminated after being called the N-word by white residents

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

A racist white worker complained about a Black employee and called him racial slurs, according to his account. Nikolas Mayrant, who works for Amazon, was delivering a package in Cornelius, North Carolina, when the incident occurred. Brad Boynton, who also works for Amazon, was in the home at the time. 

A video of Boynton’s reaction, recorded with a Ring Doorbell, also shows him yelling at Mayrant and complaining with another Amazon employee about the delivery. In addition, Boynton claimed Mayrant had violated Amazon policies for improperly parking his car and walking across his lawn, among other things. To avoid other parked cars, Mayrant says he “park[ed] awkwardly on a narrow street.” 

Mayrant said Boynton slammed the door in his face while he was trying to deliver his package while waiting behind his van for no longer than 20 seconds. Mayrant said Boynton also began to take pictures of him as he was trying to deliver his package. 

Boynton repeatedly uses the N-word to Mayrant as well while he is talking on the phone with his Amazon colleague. The video was shared on Heather Rose’s Instagram. Mayrant’s sister called the incident “heartbreaking.” 

The phrase “I know racism is still alive” rings true to me. I mean I see it constantly online & I find it depressing yet it is a little more shocking when it is coming from my blood brother,” she wrote on Tuesday (Sept. 7). “All those who know my brother are aware that he is an extremely quiet person. Yesterday, on the job for [Amazon], he delivered a package to a gentleman in Cornelius, [North] Carolina. After noticing how my brother parked his truck, the man began taking pictures of him and filing a complaint with Amazon. We found out later that the man was unhappy with how my brother would park his Amazon truck.” 

“My brother asked why he took the photos since it’s never happened to him before. In this instance, while he is on the phone with his Amazon colleague friend (who is also a person who believes it is acceptable for him to call him an N-g**) he begins repeatedly to curse him out and call him an N-g**,” she explained. “My brother was forced to leave his job after he asked the guy why he took pictures and walked on his lawn after he called him a N-g**.” 

The situation was also brought to the attention of civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump on Twitter on Wednesday (Sept. 8). 

“That’s not acceptable!”, he wrote. Amazon Fired a Black driver who was called racial slurs and harassed after he was taken pictures of by a neighborhood resident. What was the point of terminating this young man when he was subjected to this insulting harassment?” 

He was terminated after Boynton sent the Ring Doorbell video to the station manager and his Amazon colleague, Mayrant said. 

On his GoFundMe page, Mayrant wrote, “This is racism and nepotism at its finest.” 

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