A closer look into DMTV and the man behind it (Maxim Bayarsky)

October 18, 2021 0

image0-6-400x500 A closer look into DMTV and the man behind it (Maxim Bayarsky)

Maxim Bayarsky is the mastermind behind DMTV, a fast growing multimedia company that is slowly rising in the underground Toronto market. The young music video director is in the process of starting a new music scene and changing the music video game entirely. These will help create new opportunities where otherwise they didn’t exist and will change the face of the city. This will make Toronto into a real global music hub that can provide things that even the US can’t but that’s only possible by everyone working together and his brand DMTV being behind it all. 

Every project and video is exclusively released on DMTV Youtube channel. This has been a fact since the start. This rule can only be broken by a few artists in the industry and only if there is something massive to gain. But besides that this is something very strict and something that has held Max back from growing faster but in the long run this path will pay off not only for Max but for the city as a whole. When the platform is big and recognised it will only help artists but it has to get their first and that journey is not easy. Not only that but he still preps, shoots and edits his own videos. He is involved in every step of the video production process not what your traditional director normally does. That is what makes his content stand out and helps him make his visions come to life. 

There is no end goal, DMTV is here to change lives and to impact the entire industry. These are things that are going to take years and years even decades to accomplish but that’s the different between Max and many other directors and creatives out there. He is willing to grind for as long 

as it takes to accomplish his dreams and goals. Self growth and efficiency, meaning wealth is easy. But changing an entire city and industry is an entirely different beast. This all starts with the social media blog coverage he does, the music videos and the shows. He has plans to launch DMTV merchandise and other avenues like having his own record label titled Digital Music Records. The Digital Music is the acronym of DM, to have his own festival brand named The DMTV Summer Bash that will be exclusively done in Toronto. These are just some of the things that have made it to the surface and things that have made public. Who knows what else he has in store. 

“I’m a visionary, I see things that I want to make happen and I go for them, I don’t let people’s opinions and the level of the idea stop me from procuring it. I started something that will most definitely have a massive impact on the city and world as a whole. The growth process is slow and difficult but that may change very quickly. I just want everyone to know that it’s all done for the better of everyone and that I’m just a regular person like everyone else just with a dream and the drive to make that dream a reality”. 

On october 10th, Maxim hosted a little underground event gathering as a celebration of the birth of a real underground music scene. This is just one of the many steps in Max’s vision in building the music scene in Toronto. He has not only tapped into the music videos but also has media coverage like blogs and articles. DMTV is more than just a music video platform but a

host of many different things like media coverage, shows/ events, soon to come merchandise and far more that will only be added with time. This is what the city has needed for a long time and there is someone that has already gone through tufts moments and has continued to rise about it.


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