Angels In The Windy City

June 17, 2022 0

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Music is about expression, though some say its all about the instrumental in these days of rap the words are what truly touch your soul.

After years of being friends & doing music separately, NoSleepCity & Lord Lo$o AKA NoSleep Lo$o have meshed to create a new sound on their debut track, “Angels”. The two took similar yet very different paths growing up in and around Chicago. City (NoSleepCity) took to the streets early on while Loso (Lord Lo$o) would stay on a path more of the straight and narrow, and on the track “Angels” you can hear the distinct differences in the verse’s.

NoSleepCity states “Thats the reason I brought him to my label (NoSleepCity Entertainment & Production), I knew what he (Lord Lo$o) could bring to the table, our styles are different but on the track it goes together well”

And that it does. City starts the song and you immediately hear the gritty yet crafty depiction of life in Chicago using punch lines and metaphors. Lord Lo$o follows and you hear the stark contrast in the verses. Loso tells his side of growing up in near by western suburb Bellwood and the struggles it took to get him to the level he is now.

The pair led two very different lives but are now label mates and are planning on releasing an early project titled “NoSleep University” in which “Angels” is the intro track for.

NoSleepCity has had recent success with the release of his cult hit “Alter Ego” while Lord Lo$o is coming off a recent hiatus from music and looking to put the music industry on notice!

You can find music from the pair on all streaming platforms and if your looking to follow up Instagram is the best way to do so, @nosleepcity or @42losolord.

Be on the lookout for more from the pair as they prepare to drop more music in the very near future, If you like music that makes sense, gives a feeling or overall good music these guys should be your new go-to!







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