Is Harlembling Legit? Is Harlembling Jewelry Real?

September 26, 2022 0

Harlembling-Jewelry-375x500 Is Harlembling Legit? Is Harlembling Jewelry Real? is 100% legit! They are a very well known hip hop jewelry brand in the rapper, dj, & celebrity community. They sell tons of iced out rings, pendants, earrings, chains & more! Their moissanite mens jewelry passes the diamond tester and is a celebrity favorite.

Harlembling is based in the USA and has amazing customer service. They ship all items within 1-2 days. We have had numerous complaints from drop shipping companies and companies that ship from China but Harlembling doesn’t have these faults!

Harlembling makes all their own jewelry in Italy. They are best known for their moissanite mens rings and iced out cuban links. They also have some great affordable prices!

What defines real jewelry? In our opinion real jewelry is defined by its precious metals and stones (if its iced out jewelry). Harlembling only sells solid 925 sterling silver and 10k 14k gold items. For stones they only use man made diamonds or moissanite (which passes the diamond tester) There are many companies out there, who’s names we won’t mention that sell fake bling…brass and plated items…but Harlembling is above that!

Many people have complaints about Harlembling about their customer service. We had an issue with them one time about them sending a ring size that didn’t fit us (our mistake). They promptly offered us an exchange and we were very happy! The even offer XCoverGo accidental protection so you know your iced out jewelry is safe in case stones fall out or it rips for up to 3 years!

Shop and be sure to watch Eddie (the owner) on YouTube. He really tries to educate the consumer and bring transparency to the jewelry business.

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