The many faces of FACEBYSAY: A Cleveland makeup artist who specializes in creative makeup and special effects makeup

October 18, 2022 0

IMG_20221015_030021_190-334x500 The many faces of FACEBYSAY: A Cleveland makeup artist who specializes in creative makeup and special effects makeup

Professional makeup artist and special effects makeup artist Mercedes Brown aka FACEBYSAY has made a name in the Cleveland area as one of the best in the game when it comes to creating any character you can think of, no matter how outlandish or gruesome. Not only that, but she’s also got some serious stage presence and professionalism which makes her great to work with on set, especially if you need an artist who can transform you into an authentic person or in your favorite character.

Meet the artist

The Cleveland, Ohio makeup artist Mercedes Brown, or as she is called, FACEBYSAY, specializes in creative makeup & special effects makeup. After suffering from a mild heart attack in November 2020, Mercedes began to pursue her makeup career. She fell in love with her work & journey and her passion grows each day. As a woman of color, being able to create different skin tones & textures that most artists cannot is what sets her apart from the rest. Mercedes says it best: I want people to feel beautiful and confident after I’m done working on them.

Her Goals

Her Goals are to start using her tools of social media consistently to continue to promote and grow her business to gain more clientele. She also wants to eventually work in different states’ makeup & host classes so can have clientele in different places. She believes the benefits of a personal connection, not just an internet connection, is key for a successful business. I’ve had success with my current clients because they see me as someone that is trustworthy, she says. Doja Cat and Rico Nasty are two musicians who consistently display their makeup! Always have edgy and inventive looks! She appreciates how they express themselves because it reveals their character and sincerity. You’re able to see their personality on their face. The way she styles their hair is how you know them best. They always come back when they want something new or are going through some changes.

Clients benefit from her preventive approach

Her clients trust her because the makeup and products she uses are not hypersensitive. We are all sensitive to different types of ingredients. If someone has an allergy or sensitivity to a certain product, it can cause skin irritations or breakouts, she said. I don’t want that happening to my client. It’s just not worth it. Therefore, she always lets them know what she will be using on them so they can make an educated decision before starting their session with her.

Is all her work posted on Instagram?

With more than 3800+ followers on Instagram, people have come to know her as an expert in both the world of beauty and the world of horror. What began as a self-taught hobby has now become her life’s work. She uses her knowledge, experience, and imagination to transform her clients according to their needs. so follow her on Insta if you want to see all her new creations!

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