Meet Marketing Genius: JensTheGuru

March 23, 2022 0

IMG_7726-403x500 Meet Marketing Genius: JensTheGuru

Jens Elmera, popularly known as Jens The Guru is a New Jersey native marketing specialist, focusing in music and entertainment. Open and experienced in other industries as well, music and entertainment has been his long-time passion. Jens The Guru entered the first steps of his career path in 2009, while interning at multiple notable NYC recording studios. Professionally inspired by legends like Jay-Z, Master P, Nas, and more, JensTheGuru has always had a hustler mindset.

Throughout all of his experience and maturity, marketing came to JensTheGuru a little later, in 2015. Managing to break an artist every 6 months or so from pure hustle and resource, JensTheGuru has built an empire from the ground up when it comes to marketing, in less than 10 years, and has more to come. Keep up with or learn more about JensTheGuru, check this out below:

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