An all-new performance of ‘Minivan’ by August 08

August 24, 2022 0

August-08-500x281 An all-new performance of 'Minivan' by August 08

The Seasick album, which combines the EP Towards The Sun and the follow-up Towards The Moon, was released by August 08 over the weekend. The album includes 16 tracks with guest appearances by Joji, Schoolboy Q, and Jhené Aiko and boasts popular tracks such as “Keep Me Around,” “500 Days,”and “Water Sign.” A video of the album’s outro, “Minivan,” can be seen in today’s post (August 16). In August’s song “Reflect” he sings in front of a full live band as he reflects on a closed chapter:

It was back in February that August shared another memorable live jam session that featured the song “Keep Me Around.” “This song highlights the dynamic of relationships that can be willingly complicated,” August said. This is a beautiful and painful confusion. When we trust someone new, we all have that little piece of fear that we may be hurt or we may fall deeply in love, regardless of how confident we are. The goal was to express every side and feel every emotion. During my journey to happiness, this song speaks to my journey of growth.”

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