BabyK Osama announces new EP ‘Back of Da Bach’ and shares new video single “All Fa Da Fame”

December 1, 2022 0

unnamed-500x280 BabyK Osama announces new EP 'Back of Da Bach' and shares new video single "All Fa Da Fame"

Jacksonville rapper BabyK Osama has just announced his upcoming EP Back of Da Bach, out 12/14, and shared his new video single “All Fa Da Fame”. With his vivid imagery, passionate vocals, and consistent releases, the 19-year-old rapper has cemented himself as a key player in the latest generation of Jacksonville rap, boasting co-signs from Yungeen AceJdot BreezyGMK and more. “All Fa Da Fame” marks an exhilarating change of pace for BabyK Osama, and will stand as the project’s triumphant penultimate track. The video shows BabyK and his crew at a stripped-down Airbnb, illuminated by flashing red and blue lights as he raps over a breezy blend of synths and a bright, airy vocal sample that repeatedly asks “How did we get so high?”. On Back of Da BachBabyK Osama cranks up the heat, blazing through all 16 tracks with burning intensity and calling on just two guest verses from Backstreet Tk and 7mile Kory. The project’s production is backed top to bottom with BabyK’s typical gloomy severity, but also shows him exploring new textures. The project follows up on a string of red-hot singles, including “No Attempts” (feat. Anti Da Menace) and “Gorillas”. Florida is a constant hub of innovation in rap—and with each new record, BabyK Osama solidifies his stance as a front-runner in his region’s latest wave of visionaries.

BabyK grew up on artists like J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar, but his influence also draws from the likes of Kodak Black and Lil Durk. He first started to take rapping seriously while he was locked up, spending most of his time in jail writing. After he was released, BabyK Osama dropped his head-spinning single “Michael Phelps Son” which was subsequently released on his 2021 mixtape, Judgement. He continued dropping new music at a steady pace through 2021 before following up with his next tape, BabyK 2, in early 2022, featuring the notable single “No Drive By’s”. On the heels of his recently released project Genesis, BabyK is already plotting his next move. “I just know I can get better. Each tape, once something out, I just be like, ‘Okay…Onto the next one.’ Tracks like “Dirty Dancing” and Ms. Stacy” portray the talent of a preternaturally gifted MC and hitmaker, but BabyK has been working towards this point with a relentless determination.

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