Bree Runway Drops Surprise Release, WOAH, WHAT A BLUR!

December 8, 2022 0

unnamed-27-500x500 Bree Runway Drops Surprise Release, WOAH, WHAT A BLUR!

 Pop superstar in-waiting Bree Runway unveils her surprise release, WOAH, WHAT A BLUR! – an ode to her fans for their ongoing support, and to a year of nourishing herself and her craft. Bree says of the record,


Bree now is more awake than she’s ever been. I’m pressing restart after what a blurry year this has been,” she says of the collection of songs and its title. “I became alive again putting this together, for a minute I wasn’t in the room, but I am now. Working with the producers I love and feeling more empowered has me ready to embrace who I am and my strengths. WOAH WHAT A BLUR! is an embodiment of how blurry this year felt personally and professionally. It’s visiting the deep depths of my soul and showing everyone exactly that.


Produced by long-term collaborators EASYFUN, LIOHN & Khlar (ATMAPESHITDAMN DANIEL), WOAH, WHAT A BLUR! is bathed in self-love, shedding away any doubts about how Bree sees herself and the artist she’ll be going forward.


The banger that is BREEE!, leans further into Bree Runway’s braggadocio spirit, utilising the LIOHN & Khlar’s and EASYFUN’s graceful balance of synths, soft piano-keys with a menacing bass informing her every note. “She can’t sleep where I sleep, tell her to get like me,” she warns, BREE oozes confidence and taps into her rap leaning side.


Etched into the five-track composition, is a carefully crafted sound-palette, fusing rap, electronica, rock and soul providing the ideal canvas for Bree Runway to affirm her position within the genre-bent pop landscape of 2022, as well as ruminate on her deepest insecurities and sewing herself back together stronger than ever. On FWMM, the singer usher’s future-lovers to be careful, not distorting her mental health. “When you’re touching me be gentle,” she pleas across the sombre mid-tempo. Of FWMM, Bree Runway says she’s “finished” with half-baked love.

Doubling down on her recent Rolling Stone UK breakthrough artist win and cover feature, Bree also debuts her previously teased Stormzy collaboration, PICK YOUR POISONFirst spending time together at 2022’s Coachella, Stormzy revealed that PICK YOUR POISON was ready and waiting in his archive for her vocals, “It’s overwhelming to hear Stormzy say that I’m a star. He’s always made me feel comfortable as an artist in the UK,” she shares. Written namely by Stormzy with a contributing verse from Bree, the wistful ballad, is a daringly beautiful dissection of heartbreak, with both Bree and Stormzy delivering standout performances articulating their growth as artists and informing the next generation of British music.


WOAH, WHAT A BLUR! follows the fashion forward viral hit, THAT GIRL, and what’s been an introspective few months for Bree Runway, where she regrouped with friends and family, and readied herself for what is sure to be an incredible 2023!


Videographer/documentarian Nathan Miller has put together a recap of some of Bree’s highlights over this year which includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and some insight from Bree for her fans. Watch here.

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