Check Out the Latest Drop by Almmox Titled “Ambitious Hustler”

January 22, 2022 0

unnamed-32 Check Out the Latest Drop by Almmox Titled “Ambitious Hustler”

Almmox shared a new song amongst his fans, “Ambitious Hustler”. The song was due this month,  according to his Instagram Channel. He also shared the track’s official music video, which you can watch up top. 

Setting the bar for what a rising star’s digital paper-trail should look like in their break-out year, Almmox has given listeners a few solid tracks to understand what a rising rapper is, what criteria is needed to be considered one and also what to expect from Almmox. 

Almmox teased the song earlier this week, sharing a clip of him listening to the song in his  Instagram stories. With more tracks kept in music vault releasing in upcoming months, he is all packed till march’ 2022. 

The typically prolific rapper had a relatively quiet 2021, making a few appearances on albums like  “Lujo”. The song “Contro” from the same album “ Lujo”, which turned out to be the biggest hit in his musical career. There was no turning back from that moment of fame.  

The rapper has been promoting his new arrival non-stop on Instagram, encouraging followers to run it up, and announcing his upcoming tours and concerts. 

‘Ambitious Hustler’ on all streaming platforms.

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