DeeBoy is on the come up with new song “Hard Times”:

October 1, 2022 0

IMG_5042-1-341x500 DeeBoy is on the come up with new song “Hard Times”:

Music is one of the fundamental characteristics of the human population, almost everyone likes to listen to music. However, there is only a small percentage who can also make music, and make it good. Rising talent DeeBoy is one of them.

DeeBoy hails from Rhode Island and his area of residence plays quite an important role in his decision to become a music artist. Recently, there has been an influx in the number of people who have chosen to make their debut as a music artist and have also happened to excel at it. Seeing the success of these folks, DeeBoy also gave it a try and discovered music to be his true calling in life. Since then, DeeBoy has not had to look back as he spends his days and nights working hard so that he can find his own success soon.

Not many outside the music industry are aware of this but making music is not always as exciting as it seems. Like many other jobs, it requires constant hard work and can lead to fatigue. DeeBoy is grateful that he hasn’t reached that stage yet and hopes to maintain his love for making music in two ways. Firstly, he believes in taking regular breaks. “Burnout is a real problem that I have seen many great artists suffer from. If you want to keep being creative, you need to rest your mind and body.” DeeBoy elaborates. Secondly, he talks about making sure you are skilled enough to overcome the hurdles along the way. “It is kind of like leveling up in a game. You have to be patient and keep your focus on learning more and getting better if you want to be here for a long time.” he says.

These are definitely wise words but DeeBoy makes sure to practice what he preaches. The payoff can already be noticed in his first song “Hard Times”, which is based on some of his real-life experiences and the struggle to overcome them. Not many people are unafraid to present their true selves to the outside world, but DeeBoy has indeed used his new song to connect with his audience. Speaking of which, he has already amassed quite a few loyal followers, although it hasn’t been too long since he began his journey as a music artist.

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