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unnamed-5-3-500x500 DUSTY LOCANE Shares New Project 'NIGHTMARE ON DA FIFTH'

Rapping with a gravelly bellow that gives a supernatural gravitas to every bar, DUSTY LOCANE haunts the dreams of haters and fakes in Brooklyn and beyond. Establishing himself as the Cryptkeeper of Canarsie, DUSTY shares NIGHTMARE ON DA FIFTH, a sinister new project. Backed by ominous, ethereal vocals that conjure a Halloween-ready atmosphere, DUSTY perfects his stick talk on the new tape, using his full-bodied vocals to body each beat. The new tape welcomes big names from the Brooklyn drill scene, including rising rapper TaTa, and showcases the talents of DUSTY’s 95MM crew, including 3KizzyKajun WatersSFIV5Stelly Hundo, and OMB Jay Dee. Home to buzzing singles like “PRESSURE” and “ROLANDO 2 (Catch The Rain),” NIGHTMARE ON DA FIFTH is available everywhere via EMPIRE.

Along with the new project, DUSTY shares the video for FLU GANG.” A ferocious, bite-sized posse cut, the song finds DUSTY and his associates 3Kizzy, Kajun Waters, and SFIV5 for 71 seconds of fury, each emcee taking a few bars to dismiss the opposition as if they were expendable extras in a horror film: “Burn ’em like Freddy, now they wear a mask/Feelin’ like Jason swinging with the axe,” intones DUSTY. In the video, the four BK bruisers squad up as slasher movie villains, instilling mortal dread into any unfortunate soul who dares step to them.

NIGHTMARE ON DA FIFTH continues a busy year for DUSTY LOCANE. He recently teamed up with his EMPIRE associates Rah Swish, OnPointLikeOP, and Ron Suno for the fierce SAY DAT EP,  home to peerless posse cuts like BUST DOWN” (1.2 million views) and “ANGELS & DEMONS” (1.1 million views). Earlier in the year, DUSTY dropped the ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN EP, which collected each installment of DUSTY, “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN ”  singles, including the recent “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN Pt. 3 (BEEN ROLLIN),” it’s TikTok-viral predecessor, and the GOLD certified original. The EP also featured his second-ever single, “Rolando (Caught In The Rain),” which generated hundreds of millions of streams across platforms.

With his suvies at his back and much further to rise, DUSTY LOCANE is well on his way toward taking over the Brooklyn scene.

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