Female Rapper “SKG” releases new music video “Thru My Eyez”

August 25, 2022 0

tumblr_fc30ed358da58c07e93c888dbea1e02b_52a3b171_1280-400x500 Female Rapper "SKG" releases new music video "Thru My Eyez"

SKG, whose real name is Helecia Choyce, has made it from Deathrow Records to the Heineken Stage at Coachella thanks to her unique blend of old-school flavor and hard-hitting futuristic tracks. SKG (born Helecia Choyce) is a talented musician whose music has always included a breath of fresh air. SKG started when she signed with the notorious Deathrow Records at age 16.

Her repertoire reveals genuine hip-hop vitality, hefty production, and, most importantly, a beautiful and magnetic attitude. SKG provides authentic music and appreciates rap for what it is. Explore SKG’s music video on her youtube channel https://youtu.be/zyDVAn_QcCM 

When it comes to making music, versatility is a must. And if you’re looking to broaden your artistic horizons and maintain an open perspective, this is even more, the case. It’s no secret that SKG, a singer-songwriter who thrives on pushing boundaries, is in the midst of a creative period in which she is actively pursuing new directions in her work. SKG explores a new approach with each new album, keeping her audience on the edge of their seats.

Keeping a positive mindset and continually thanking its fans, SKG delivers a performance that is both inspirational and personal. If you enjoy the music of today’s top musicians, you’ll probably enjoy SKG as well. Her music is representative of the full range of this performer’s abilities. It’s almost like a big mission statement, summing up SKG as an artist and giving fans an idea of where he’s headed in the future.

After a frantic thirty seconds of buildup, SKG settles into a steady flow of bar after bar, all the while exuding an air of assured calm. The Best strives to make its imprint as an inspirational indie smash, and SKG’s cleverness and rhyme schemes, together with her unwavering honesty and boundless determination, are increasingly impressive.

Although it lasts for only a few seconds, more than two minutes, its impact is magnified by the composition’s sharp vigor and musical brightness.

SKG’s new album “Unfinished Business” has guest appearances from various artists, such as Paul Wall, Dave East, and Suga Free. As a producer, she is familiar with the film industry and has helped get films onto streaming services like Hulu, and she has contributed to some of the biggest rap successes of all time. https://tunepical.com/skg-unfinished-business/amp/

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