Get To Know Brenboy: Artist and Entrepreneur

July 2, 2022 0
Brenboy3-334x500 Get To Know Brenboy: Artist and Entrepreneur


SS Global Entertainment is proud to celebrate the success of Brenboy’s new music releases.

Brendon Reyes, professionally known as “Brenboy”, is a creative everyone should be on a look out for as he currently sits as not only the Urban music director at 90.7 FM KBOO, but he’s also an artist himself.  Over the years, he’s proven to be a man with a plan to getting his music heard. With two albums and a plethora of hit singles to his name, it’s to no one’s surprise how well he’s climbing in the competitive music and entertainment industry. 

Upon signing a non-exclusive distribution deal with SS Global Entertainment, he released his new single, “Blueberry Pancakes” which immediately became a hit to fans across the world. Soon after, he dropped the album, “White Butterflies”, that garnered over 300k streams on Spotify and continues to rise daily. 

While Brenboy climbs up the music scene, his voice on the radio does so simultaneously. It appears he’s truly living the best of both worlds and with the fanbase he’s creating from both spectrums, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be stopping any time soon.

To stay up with all his future events, new music, and more, follow his social media sites below. 




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