Iman Nunez Reflects On His Life “At This Moment”

December 1, 2022 0

unnamed-3-500x281 Iman Nunez Reflects On His Life “At This Moment”

Following the release of his Rosedale EP, Iman Nunez released a new video for his song “at this moment.” The visual, shot by TwentyTwoTime, while directed by Iman himself shows Iman rapping in the countryside on fields and abandoned houses. 

He raps about how he needs help overcoming issues and finding peace as he chases his musical aspirations. During the video, he raps on the steps of a burning house. In certain scenes, the video blacks out only revealing Iman rapping through a window.

Dealing with the pressures that life has to offer, the Iman directed video is used to vent about his current problems. Whether it’s his career, family and self, he lays it all on the table in order for him to confront it and move forward. Even when the house was burning, the show went on. “I got more feelings I can’t knock yet, thoughts will reappear and my fears will just keep knocking. Peers will give me cheers as my dreams will keep popping, little do they know it’s a struggle to keep honest… I’m struggling with focusing on art when I done put in so many years because the money ain’t consistent, though you know it’s my career…” says Iman.

The young Yonkers emcee Iman Nunez is no stranger to self-reflection. Rosedale is a lyrical journal of what Nunez ponders about his personal life while he reaches his goals. His latest single “Pieces” featuring Annalise Azadian is an example. “Pieces” reflected on the aftermath of a breakup and the struggle between holding on and moving on. The single was well received on Rap Radar along with the lyric video that visually shows the emotions and personal moments discussed in the song.

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