In the “State Of Mind” of FBG Glizzy

August 7, 2022 0

fbg-1-401x500 In the "State Of Mind" of FBG Glizzy

FBG Glizzy aka Cee GlizzyBigSteppa releases his hot new music video and single “State Of Mind” while in front of the nation’s capital, in Washington, DC. 

For those who haven’t heard of the New Orleans born native “FBG Glizzy” also known as CeeGlizzy, he is a force to be reckoned with in 2022. FBG Glizzy’s new music video “State Of Mind” is lyrically driven, with high-tech animation, a zombie apocalypse, and “fresh bread” all in one music video.

FBG Glizzy is taking his music career seriously by the lyrics that he spits, and is clearly an ambassador for the “Fresh Bread” movement nationwide. This southern bred trapper has been showcasing his talents, state to state this summer by performing on major stages with popular acts such as; Big Boogie, Glorilla, Ann Marie, and others. He is also scheduled to release two projects, before the end of the year; a street volume mixtape and a full-length album.

FbgGlizzy has “more tricks in his bag” for 2023, and is waiting for the right moment to display his “musical magic to the industry”. So, hold on to your seats because FBG Glizzy is about to blow!

Be on the lookout for upcoming performances, and new music from FBG Glizzy, and support the “Fresh Bread” movement worldwide.

“Stay tuned, and stop playin’, we up next!”-FBG Glizzy

Instagram: @ceeglizzy800

fbg-2-376x500 In the "State Of Mind" of FBG Glizzy

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