Interview: Music Producer TracMuzik

September 21, 2022 0

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What’s up HiphopSince1987, I have a special guest coming through today by the name of TracMuzik from Houston,Texas. He’s one of the hottest up and coming producers in the music industry and he’s no stranger to the music grind! Tracmuzik has worked with music artist such as TEC, Yungeen Ace, Jdagr8 and it’s only right that we get to know more about the upcoming music producer.

1987: TracMuzik, thank you for giving us some of your valuable time and stopping by HipHopSince1987! Tell us a little about who you’ve had the pleasure of working with this far in your career?

“I’ve worked with Jdagr8, Tec, BeatKing, Yungeen Ace, Hendricks 2.0, ProPain, John Hunt (IG voiceover comedian) and many local Indie artists in my area.”

 1987:What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

“As far as producers, We have a group named KeyKartel (YungRomo, 6points, JFever and Jayhitem) they are a big inspiration to me. Their thought process on creating fire beats is amazing. They definitely push me to work harder!”

1987:Who have you been listening to recently?

I listen to Kendrick, JCole and many Indie artists.”

1987:How did you get into the music production and engineering business?

 “I taught myself how to produce. By me being a musician I taught myself how to compose and how to structure my music into beats for artists.”

1987:What’s 3 qualities you should look for in a producer?

“The love for producing, the hustle to becoming better and the ability to produce more than one genre.”

1987:What’s the biggest project you feel like you’ve done so far?

“There’s two of them, Gr8ful Never Satisfied by JDagr8 and the VoiseyRoyalty Compilation album. Those projects I had to put some major work in as far as Producing and engineering.”

 1987:Any artist out there you’d see yourself making hits with?

“Of course, KDot, Cole, Post Malone, Pharrell and many others. Basically the whole industry. It’s so many to name.”

1987: Thank you TracMuzik for your time, hope to see you back here with us soon! Be sure to follow TracMuzik and check out his work. We’ll leave his handles down below.

 Thank You for tuning in with HiphopSince1987! For more updates be sure check back with us daily. Be sure to follow TracMuzik on his social media platforms below. See you soon with more hiphop news and updates!

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TracMuzik Social Links:

Instagram: (@Trac_Muzik)

Twitter: @MuzikTrac




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