Jennifer Messina the celebrity you should know!

July 24, 2022 0
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Jennifer Messina

If you haven’t heard of Jennifer Messina by now, then you should do some research. We’re talking about an artist with almost over a million followers on Instagram. Through hard work and dedication, she was able to tailor her audience on her platforms, landing almost 40,000 views in two days on her recent YouTube music video “Define Me.”

What’s next you might ask? Well, she’s dropping another timeless track very soon through Sony called “Time Heals Everything” which was previously uploaded to YouTube but then taken down due to contract issues. Artists & contracts are becoming more and more “blurred lines” throughout the years, so props to Jennifer for doing what’s best for her. As the years go by, more and more artists are realizing they can be completely independent and still have great awareness to their sounds.

But it doesn’t stop there, she also has over 700,000 followers on the sensational app TikTok. This is something many struggle to achieve, but regardless she pulled through and was able to direct focus to where it needed to be put at. This goes to show you hard work and determination provide results that are always around the corner.

“She’s quite the woman, very inspirational” a close friend noted.

Jennifer also has a website called Messina Glam. The “about us’ tab states- Messina Glam is a Feminine Fashion Store, which was founded by American Musician and Model, Jennifer Messina.

We at Messina Glam, take the women empowerment program as a vision, and we plan on empowering all women (non-binary and trans folks included!) from all race and backgrounds through their looks, because the way you look should be a statement. The first line of impression is your look, and we have decided to empower all feminine folks by providing trending fashionable items at the best price to Glam up your look.

Just from looking at everything she does you can tell she has a character not matched by many.

It takes direct motivation to be this determined to do something with your career. Most people have the followers but not the guts. Jennifer definitely has guts, she knows how to make timeless classics.

Want more information about Jennifer Messina? That’s easy just follow her on Instagram and TikTok below to stay updated through her daily voyages!

Instagram @jennifercmessina

TikTok @jennifercmessina

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