Jiggy Tone & K.J. Make It Look Easy

December 7, 2022 0

ab67616d0000b273475cbb82ebea46a3644d8264-500x500 Jiggy Tone & K.J. Make It Look Easy

Independent artists Jiggy Tone and K.J., both living in the Charlotte, NC area, recently dropped a banger that we wanted to share. ‘Too Easy’ boasts numerous styles of delivery and cadence that keep an audience engaged. 

The interesting thing about this single is it’s not just a hot record, but these indie artists landed a sponsorship from the company ClickUp.

Not every day do you see independent artists get a co-sign from billion-dollar corporations.


Goes to show how much artists can leverage their skills even without a humongous fanbase.

We hope to hear more from both Jiggy and K.J. and for those of your looking to learn more about their journey with ClickUp follow them on Instagram @JiggyTone and @KJsaidthis

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