JMoney and Crown Prince of Korea (KingLee) Unleash New Single “Dun It All”

November 3, 2022 0

f27fecf5-c288-420e-93c4-4586b0df9b6e.jpg JMoney and Crown Prince of Korea (KingLee) Unleash New Single "Dun It All"

Atlanta tastemaker JMoney and the Crown Prince of Korea (musically known as KingLee) come together as the Chosen 1’s as they celebrate the release of their new single “Dun It All”.  The single was initially released last Friday on all digital streaming platforms, serving as one the first collaboration JMoney and KingLee have officially released to the world. The response supporters and new listeners are giving is definitely promising for the success of the track in the near future. “Dun It All” is an uptempo track with a steady-hitting and cartoon-like energy, providing a good vibe for anyone who comes across it. Both JMoney and KingLee give listeners vivid imagery of their luxury lives and motion, making this a perfect track for a workout or party.

Though some may find the two an unlikely pair on a regular day, the pair are actually compatibly successful with their creative partnership. JMoney had always created music, while KingLee has just kicked off his discography. “Dun It All” is just the start of something the industry hasn’t seen just yet, and JMoney and KingLee surely provide the importance of capturing the bigger picture, essentially. For those new to the Chosen 1’s, be sure to stream the single below:

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