Joey Band$ and His Road To Success

May 22, 2022 0

Joey Band$ was born and raised in New Jersey and has had a passion for music since he was a teenager. He started recording music in his basement on his laptop with friends at 16 years old, he used to audio engineer his own music. Joey has big goals and wants to be the next big thing, he won’t stop until he gets there.

When we asked Joey what his biggest obstacle has been thus far he said “Life,  because you never know what it’s going to throw at you at any moment”. Scrolling through his Instagram, you can see Joey Band$ creating music, video after video. With ‘God Is My Witness 🙏🏼’ in his Instagram bio, he stands by his saying – never give up on yourself and know your value and your worth, whether it’s 100 thousand or 100 million.’ Joey wants his music to be a  ‘place to escape and where you feel like you’re not alone’.

Joey wishes to become one of the best artists and be able to change people’s lives by my music – giving his listeners a place to escape and not feel alone.

‘One day everybody is going to look back and be like damn how did we let this guy slip through our hands when he was directly in front of us?’ Never give up on yourself and know your value’. Don’t miss out on Joey Band$ new music, follow him on Instagram to keep up with his upcoming projects.

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