King Gian Nezi Explains How a Love for Your Craft Can Make Life More Beautiful

May 19, 2022 0

KingGianNezi King Gian Nezi Explains How a Love for Your Craft Can Make Life More Beautiful

When he sits down to make music, King Gian Nezi says that it feels like coming home. King Gian Nezi notes that the high of music production is addictive. When a session nears, sweet tangled-up thoughts flood the mind. Penning them means having those thoughts flow through hands moving feverishly fast, trying to keep up with strings of entangled, abstract words, every one of which is waiting to be unentangled and bled onto paper.


To those other than musical prodigies, this process might seem baffling to the point of crazy or even scary. But to the artist, this is just how genius is born. Every lyric is another lightning bolt of an idea captured at the right moment and, like vibrant paint, splashed onto a canvas to create art that would be admired for decades to come. Marvelling at King Gian Nezi’s music, fans say that King Gian Nezi has a way of speaking directly to each one of them, making them feel seen and heard.


Music is cathartic to not King Gian Nezi’s fans but to all those that listen in. When the ‘Grandeur’ hitmaker sits down for a production session, it feels like one disappears into another realm entirely. Such is the power of good music, King Gian Nezi points out – it has the potential to transform you and take you places you had never seen. Music elicits strong, often repressed, emotions, King Gian Nezi says. To him, his art acts not just as impetus but also, and more importantly, as an outlet.


Treating music like a first love instead of a highly successful career allows King Gian Nezi to continue creating more hits.  King Gian Nezi says life feels so much sweeter, even at times when it’s hardly so. Even after all the fame and millions of fans, to King Gian Nezi, music is still the tender love he first met at a young age. And if that is what it takes to keep making more hits like the critically-acclaimed hit ‘Grandeur’, fans are ready to be put in second place on King Gian Nezi’s list of soulmates!

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