King Lai, the artist that went from “village to privilege”

June 27, 2022 0
King-Lai-500x213 King Lai, the artist that went from “village to privilege”

King Lai

Born on July 18, 1998, in a tiny hamlet in Myanmar’s Chin State, King Lai full name Lai Ram Ceu immigrated to Chicago, Illinois and has gone to become a brilliant Asian-American rapper, singer, composer, and businessman . His music is quite unique. Besides the smooth melodies and various bilingual flows throughout his songs, he would say the main thing that differentiates his music is that it is Authentic and true to his life. Every bar of it. “The Plan” ft. KT6 is King Lai’s most recent endeavor. Blasty from Rocko Y Blasty engineered the new song. The duo are best most known for their song “Besitos de Calores,” which debuted at #10 on Billboard in 2016.

King Lai’s  next release is called “Scared To Love” .It will be released with a music video this summer or early fall.

This one is different from his previous tracks because it will be his first hopping on a drill beat.

Most drill songs are known to be very graphic in their lyrics and very violent or have a gangster feel to them too, but like Central Cee who’s been popping off lately in the Uk and like Lil Tjay’s track ‘In my head’, this one will be a love song.

The most gangster beat in hip hop mixed with a love song. King Lai is hoping to get a positive response  from his audience for this track.

Right now he is wrapping up the song lyrics and getting it ready for his producer. King Lai is really optimistic about this upcoming release.

He believes it has the potential to become his current biggest song yet! He wants everyone to know if he can go from village to privilege, then anyone can.

Talking about what is next for him and his upcoming projects, he said he has a bunch of more songs in the bag. And he plans on releasing a few more singles this year all with Music Videos. He can’t wait to get them out there.

To find out more about King Lai, head to his social media handles- YoutubeInstagram, Facebook

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