Krown Vic Drops 1st Video From ‘Hourly Profits’ In “Ricky Bobby”

March 29, 2022 0

KV-Press-Pic-500x308 Krown Vic Drops 1st Video From 'Hourly Profits' In "Ricky Bobby"

Virginia recording artist Krown Vic revs up into high gear for the release of his new music video for his latest single, properly-titled “Ricky Bobby.” On the visual for the Hocus-produced track, Vic hits the booth and the streets in a tricked-out mustang, driving like a bat outta hell, blue faces flying out the windows, with a couple of beautiful vixens passenger side. Both the song and visual are infectious introductions for any newly discovered fan.

From the green light, Vic hits overdrive immediately with a series of nail-biting, hair turn bars that will have you on the edge of your seats from beginning to end. “Turn the corner Ricky bobby / Always dodging federally / Aggressive, accumulation, taking risk, triple flip, yeah / Jamming out the Marriott, I’m turning three to ten and serving jays / Hotel turn revolving door.”

Based on the single’s charisma, adrenaline and crafty wordplay, it’s easy to notice that the rising star was magnetically drawn to the production, which leads to the clever synonyms dropped in the verses that blend cars culture and street life.

“Ricky Bobby is one of my favorite records because it’s part of the lingo between me and my homies,” says Vic about the song’s meaning. “We call making money moves Ricky Bobby. Like say someone were to ask what you doing today? You’d reply, I’m going Ricky Bobby and we’ll instantly know what you mean. Might not know exactly what the play is, but it’s understood you’re getting to a bag.”

“Ricky Bobby” is the visual release from Vic’s new project, Hourly Profit, the nine-track album self-released last February. And with the new hit, the collection includes breakout tracks “Clearance” and “Dick and Jane.” Hourly Profits is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Check out the new visual below, afterward, feel free to follow Krown Vic daily on social media for updates, new music and so much more.

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