Meet Kev King, The New Rap King Taking Over the Airwaves

September 12, 2022 0

IMG_8536-409x500 Meet Kev King, The New Rap King Taking Over the Airwaves

Now more than ever, hip-hop is experiencing one of the greatest transformations. New genres and sounds are coming up daily, with rappers digging deep into their creativity to quench the industry’s thirst for innovative sounds. Of course, this also comes with an influx of new, highly gifted rappers, such as Kev king, that is taking over the industry by storm.

Kev king, formally known as Kev kouyoumjian, is the new name to watch out for in the rap scene. Kev King is rising to hip-hop stardom with his unique style and sound that is intriguing thousands across the US. An innately gifted artist, Kev King stands out as one of the few rappers who writes all his music. This allows him to push his creative’s limits by coming up with intriguing tracks every time he hits the booth.

This implies that he has to probe deeper into his artistic self to create something unique and authentic that would also strike a chord with audiences. He believes it’s an essential learning experience that allowed him to explore other hip-hop styles. Also, Kev King keeps honing his craft and stepping outside of his comfort to serve the industry new vibes with each release.

For instance, he keeps tabs on the industry trends, such as new genres taking over the airwaves. The trap sound stands out as one of the fast-growing sounds, and Kev King is working on serving his fans with a taste of what he has to offer. Besides, fusing trap with his style means creating music that resonates with the majority of his listeners, thus an opportunity to expand his audience.

Aside from his musical success, Kev King is also a successful entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Drink Glow and World Tech Toys, two notable brands in their respective industries. Drink Glow is a top beverage brand with naturally aspirated products made of a blend of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and electrolytes. This combination of ingredients works to help detoxify the body, support liver health, and boost mood and immunity. On the other side, World Tech Toys is a manufacturer of toys for top international brands such as Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Ford, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and many others.

A successful self-made entrepreneur, Kev king, focuses on expanding his music brand and achieving greater levels of success. He hopes to eventually make it big on the international scale after first dominating the American hip-hop scene. However, even when it gets more challenging, he remains confident in his ability to realize even his most impossible aspirations. Additionally, he is eager to collaborate and work with other creative rappers.

Additionally, Kev king hopes to encourage and uplift other artists to keep working hard and never give up on their dreams. The music scene can be one of the brutal sectors to break into, but with creativity, hard work, and resilience, you will overcome all these hurdles and bring your dreams to life. More importantly, never compare yourself with others; choose a path and identify the right strategies to get you there. “Work hard and do things the right way,” Kev King advises

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