Meet Vidal Sebastian, a talented music artist and an entrepreneur

July 1, 2022 0

AddText_03-09-08.11.30-500x500 Meet Vidal Sebastian, a talented music artist and an entrepreneur


There is a vast range of music producers and artists who have been developing music loved by many. While the genres differ, upcoming artists have been gaining the respect and love they and their music deserve worldwide.

Although, a tiny fraction of artists serve music lovers of all age groups and ethnicities around the world with quality music. One such artist is Wysnton Vidal Watley, or as he is popularly known as Vidal Sebastian.

Vidal Sebastian offers songwriting, music creativity, and a unique musical experience through his music. Whereas, through his fashion brand, he represents young Street Scholars around the world.

Vidal Sebastian recently released his first single, Ain’t Real, from his upcoming extended play song.

33-year-old Vidal Sebastian is an extremely talented, hardworking, and determined music artist. He doesn’t just have immense experience and knowledge in the field of music but is also expanding into various business avenues beyond just the music industry which, as he says, is an exciting new venture for him. Vidal Sebastian is growing both as an artist as well as a brand. He is also expanding into “Ghost Writing” for other artists, publishing, and collaborating a lot more with other artists to show how his music is diverse and united.

Vidal Sebastian began his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 and he has always believed in delivering good quality music to all age groups and ethnicities around the world.

He first stepped into the world of music because of his love for music. Vidal Sebastian kept going ahead and moving forward by making the right connections and networking. Vidal Sebastian has also had a wonderful management team behind him that has helped him grow in the music industry and meet the right people.

Although it is because of his talent, that he has gotten a chance to work with great artists. Vidal Sebastian is currently working with some legendary artists and producers in the music industry. Not just this, but he is also building his own legacy in the world of music.

Vidal Sebastian has gained a lot of success in the past few years. His music has touched many hearts and he has gotten a chance to work with multiple top artists.

He has worked with legendary producer DJ Battlecat on the song They Can’t Tame Us, which has been certified gold status, featuring Snoop Dogg, 2-eleven, Rucci and Glasses Malone.  Vidal Sebastian also has a mixtape streaming over half a million called Welcome 2 The Gtrap.

Along with this, Vidal Sebastian is constantly working on his music and becoming the best artist that he can be to his full potential and learning the ins and outs of the music business.

Vidal Sebastian is working on a new extended play set which is set to be released later this year. He will also be releasing other singles.

While he has an ever-growing fan base, Vidal Sebastian has been working on reaching out to more and more people with his music. He also plans to use his current business ventures to elevate other business ventures that he plans to explore and become a household name around the world.

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