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Born and raised in Queens, NY, Meyhem Lauren has long been one of the culture’s most reliable brands; built from quality, consistency, and flavor.  The multi-media artist and personality takes pride in expressing himself artistically from a raw and unfettered perspective.

In addition to his musical contributions, Meyhem has also gained international notoriety as a charismatic cast member on the smash TV series Fu*c That’s Delicious; alongside long-time friends and frequent collaborators Action Bronson, Big Body Bes and The Alchemist.  When not composing masterpieces, Meyhem Lauren also does voice work, which has been heard in memorable commercials and campaigns for FIFA World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl.

Meyhem has an extensive collaborative musical history, which includes previous projects with DJ Muggs, Harry Fraud, Buckwild, Madlib and now the Black Vladimir album; Daringer adds his stamp to the esteemed list of collaborators.  The album is also the first project for Meyhem’s new label imprint Black Truffle Enterprises.

“I went to Buffalo to kick it with Griselda.  It was a Halloween show and Westside Gunn brought out me and Prodigy (Mobb Deep) as special guests.  Afterward, I was in Buffalo for a few days with Daringer, Conway and Westside Gunn making some music.  Wes saw the chemistry I had with Daringer and suggested we should do an album together” Meyhem Lauren recalls.  “The first three songs we made in Daringer’s house.  All of Griselda was there and it bore witness to the process, which is why you hear them doing ad-libs on songs their not even on.  It was natural, fun, easy and it just flowed.”

For the better part of a decade, Daringer has created a completely unique aesthetic and become an industry staple for his ability to shift from creating dark and gritty canvasses to more melodic jazzy-infused productions.  His production has helped shape the “Griselda Sound,” and Daringer has been a vital cog in their movement from day one, and there is rarely a drop from Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, or Conway The Machine where Daringer’s sound is not omnipresent.  The same can be said of his chemistry with Action Bronson, as Daringer has added his flourishes to Blue ChipsWhite BroncoOnly For Dolphins, and Cocodrillo Turbo.  Now, Daringer takes the helm to oversee the production for another of his “Fu*k That’s Delicious” cohorts with Black Vladimir.

Black Vladimir includes guest appearances from Action Bronson, Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, Flee Lord, ELCamino and Hologram.

Meyhem Lauren is also known for a series of unconventional, yet very effective cooking videos that have created a cult-following and culinary frenzy online with his growing YouTube channel.

Meyhem’s latest cooking show, Flavor In Your Ear,  consists of him cooking meals exclusively based on hip-hop song lyrics.  A recent episode, Christmas In July, features Lauren making an entire holiday smorgasbord taken from the Run-DMC festive anthem “Christmas In Hollis.”  Previous episodes from the season include dishes created around lyrics from Rick Ross, Notorious B.I.G., Beastie Boys and MF Doom.  Upcoming episodes will feature dishes cultivated around lyrics from G-Dep, Big Pun and Dead Prez.

Meyhem Lauren & Daringer’s Black Vladimir is now available!

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