Misty Blanco goes into production With her first Film “Revenge Is Not A Option”

August 9, 2022 0
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You may not know the name Misty Blanco, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard some of her music – The Blaquanese Rockstar has been recognized as one of the greatest songwriters and artists in history, and she’s currently revolutionizing the music industry through Melodic Bop, which combines the best elements of hip-hop and jazz music to create something entirely new and incredibly successful. Here’s how Misty Blanco became The Blaquanese Rockstar, her biggest accomplishments in her career, and what she plans to do next.

About her

Misty Blanco is a theatrical artist who created the genre of music known as Melodic Bop. She has been nominated for four Grammy Awards 4 times and is a top-10 Billboard artist in 30 countries. She is also known as Mysterious from MTV’s Making the Band with P. Diddy. Misty Blanco’s music is characterized by its catchy melodies and positive messages. I always wanted to bring something new to people, like some kind of message or reminder that we are here and it’s not all bad, she said. 

What make her different from other producers and singers

Misty Blanco is a different kind of artist. She doesn’t just sing or produce music, she creates experiences. Her music is designed to make you feel something, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, or love. And she does it all with a smile on her face.  Misty is also a visual artist, and her music videos are works of art in themselves. She’s not afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles, and her willingness to take risks has paid off. Her hard work and dedication  have allowed her to reach levels that few have been able to achieve.

What she going to do 

Misty Blanco is a multi-talented musician, producer, and director who has made a name for herself in the music industry. She is now turning her attention to film, writing and directing a feature film based on her book, Revenge Is Not A Option. This Artist has proved that she’s ready for the task of bringing her book to life in Hollywood, whether it’s a series on BET or Starz, or perhaps it’ll be a series of episodes. Blanco has always been known as a musical genius so its not surprising that she continues to make waves in different areas of entertainment.

Her Sub Division Company 

Misty TV Blaque Hollywood is a sub division of Misty Blanco’s company. It is set to have open auditions for her film in late October of 2022. This will be a chance for aspiring actors and actresses to get their big break. The requirements are not only great acting skills but also the ability to sing.  They also must be able to commit to filming every day. They need to memorize the lines and learn how to dance, as well as auditioning in front of camera crew members, directors, producers, and crew members who they would work closely with during filming.

What currently she is doing in music industry 

In addition to Interview With A Goat, Music Box, and Swiss Cheese, Misty Blanco released her new single Big Blaque Cat, which will make an appearance at Brooner Brothers Fashion Week in Miami, Florida, in October 2022. According to her, Misty wants her music to be the feel-good music of the summer, as well as make people happy. Misty is also giving back to her community by supporting those who are trying to do better for themselves. Thank you for joining us on this trip through who Misty Blanco is and what she does!

Video link: https://youtu.be/BBoRtafGZ-c

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