Mobbin101 enters into uncharted waters in 2022

April 26, 2022 0

Living free comes at a high price in life.  

Being born black in America is not a luxury. Being born a young black male in America is dangerous, suppressive, and death-defying. Every day the life of a black person can be lost or incarcerated within seconds. Surviving in a world where the odds are stacked against you is a failed American Dream.   

Comprehending that skin color dictates your ability to vote, work, and live is unexplainable. Black men in America are born kings and trained as enslaved people by mainstream society. Understanding their power, influence, affluence, and creative genius, Black males, are an endangered species. Every breath taken must be treasured, as tomorrow is not promised.   

Mobbin101’s music vision is more prominent than Hip-Hop  

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Mobbin101 illuminates the dynamism, fearless energy, and God-gifted creative genius of Hip-Hop. Mobbin101’s music provides an unrivaled blueprint on survival, unconditional love, hustling, ambition over fear, and unshakeable faith in oneself.   

Mobbin101 life story reads like a Spike Lee-directed movie. The journey of Mobbin101 is esoteric, and only supreme beings can relate to his level of a mastermind. Mobbin101 carries tattoos of pain that only he can see. His threshold for suffering and adversity is beyond average human capacity. 

Being born black and self-made places a target on your back in America.   

Mobbin101 carries the dreams and aspirations of the Bay and every young black kid dreaming of empowering his community. Mobbin101’s future is facing uncertainty and supremacy at the same time in 2022. 

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