Music Was My Destiny: The Unlikely Rise to Stardom of official

September 26, 2022 0

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The official was born on April 1, 1983, formally known as Derrick M. Taylor in Oklahoma City. At the very young age of 6, he wrote his first lyric and it was then he decided that he wanted to pursue a music career but the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy.

A brief about official

Official was born on April 1, 1983, in Oklahoma City. He is from the Eastside of Atlanta Lithonia GA, Zone 6. Born both of Native American and African American descent, he led a normal life destined for success. As a child, he wrote his first lyrics and decided to pursue music as a career. He honed his skills and released mixtapes throughout the years. As an independent artist, Official carved a name for himself by creating music that resonated with young people.

Obstacles in his music career

Even though he had discovered this new opportunity for himself, he was scared of what other people might think of it and stayed silent about it as then his mother forced him to play basketball as a way of staying out of trouble. After becoming a local basketball star, he went on to play semi-pro basketball. Derrick after three years has decided that he has had enough of the other side of the camera and it’s time for him to become what he always wanted to be, which is a rapper. He made the call to step down and go full force into the music business. His nickname, Official, derives from the jump from being a basketball player to a rapper.

Though not a natural at rapping like many others in the industry, he continued to develop his skills with other rappers in their studios late at night, Performing at nightclubs, and winning talent competitions in Atlanta. . As a result of hours spent practicing day and night, Official became one of Atlanta’s most popular underground rappers.

What Makes him apart from other rappers

What makes him different from other rappers is that he doesn’t smoke or drink, and he answers every message and email. Apart from all these things is the fact that he’s not commercialized like everyone else. Most rappers are just talking about money, drugs, sex, and violence; but Official has a more positive vibe. He’s not afraid to talk about love because his music was his destiny. His skills are in songwriting, mixing, producing, and arranging beats for others as well as himself. If you want some new Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B with an original delivery then look up official.

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