“NOTHING” Clay Joule’s newest single – A message to the upcoming generation. 

August 7, 2022 0

Nothing-Single-Cover-Art-500x500 "NOTHING" Clay Joule's newest single – A message to the upcoming generation.  

For whatever reason, Clay considers himself a representation of a younger generation in the music business. In the present day, music taste has been substantially enhanced by the use of numerous digital plugins and compression technologies to create sounds that haven’t before existed. The augmented sound effects of video games have grown so familiar to new generations that they’ve forgotten what real music sounds like. Music that many traditionalists would classify as ambient rather than any other genre has been flooded into the industry by auto-generated tracks with low entrance criteria.

Clay Joule, on the other hand, is a creative visionary with an unmistakable style. To try and appeal to a great numbers of Gen-Z’s heavy automation of music creation is indeed not the right move; instead, the next generation of musicians must learn the true meaning of NOTHING and how to unlearn bad habits of automation and plugin cluttering by going back to the fundamentals and assessing their own musical preferences and refresh the current state of music sphere.

In 1989, Clay Joule penned the song “NOTHING.” It was considered to be his debut of first rap song but not being released till 2022. Clay Joule’s musical versatility has broken several rules when it comes to cookie-cutter of music genres. He grew up hanging around on the streets of New York City, rap battling with his peers on the streets for two summers straight.

On “NOTHING,” Clay’s vocals are woven together to demonstrate his skill in blending musical genres, which encourages Gen Z to give the song a try and reset the overload of musical automation that people are used to these days. Encourage them to try something basic yet significant, just like the intentioned  he had when he created this song in 1989. With a little help from a plugin, the guitar solo was blasted to gain some attention together with a music video that inline with Gen Z’s preference for highly compressed sounds. This personal touch had served to remind the young musicians of the importance of using real instruments and authentic rap vocal sound to create their music once again.

Clay acoustic drum shines on “NOTHING” with a stunning performance. It’s the song’s dominant instrument of all. The slap-bass evokes the iconic sound of the soul and funk era for listeners. Clay may exploit the accents to produce a dramatic, nostalgic, or even intoxicating effect in his rap vocal. With a basic premise yet a deeper meaning according to Clay’s creativity; the work is an enjoyable sensory experience. If you’re serious about making a great song, you’ll have to take “nothing” into account and bring your music composition to a new level using the literal meaning and inspiration from the great NOTHINGNESS. According to Joule’s interpretation,” Nothingness is not a vacuum, but rather an infinitely wide range of possibilities that may be explored.”

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