Preston A Dent is unapologetically bold and masterfully brilliant in Hollywood

January 17, 2022 0

image1 Preston A Dent is unapologetically bold and masterfully brilliant in Hollywood

Preston Dent announces his Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Blog 

Preston Dent is a well-known author on Amazon who is also a filmmaker from Hollywood. “Panoramic Vision Lifestyle” is a magazine launched by him that aims to share stories without compromising the truth. In addition to the magazine, he owns the Early Bird Writers Group and Panoramic Vision Films.  

As a natural-born visionary, Preston Dent’s creative talent led to the birth of panoramic vision lifestyle magazine. The films and books of Preston Dent have a huge following and shed light on some of life’s most heartbreaking and remarkable experiences. 

Unconventional and inspiring, Preston Dent’s movement is intellectually energizing and socially encouraging. It’s impossible to deny Preston Dent’s ability to create work that combines wrath, forbidden issues, convoluted love triangles, lesbian interferences, child exploitation, and a strong sense of family. 

Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine represents a new-wave of digital journalism. Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine focuses on issues of social justice, Black tech entrepreneurs, African-American achievement in the arts and entertainment industry, and women empowerment. 

To build Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine, we must be true to ourselves and fearless in our approach. The podcast division of PVL Magazine provides a voice to the issues at the heart of today’s challenges. PVL Magazine’s podcast series hosts are fearless, thrilling, and abundant, opening up new avenues of discussion and debate. 

The music division of Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine focuses on promoting and documenting the aspirational journey of unsigned artists. In 2021, PVL Magazine will continue to be a philanthropic brand with a strong community focus. 

As a creator, Preston Dent is aware of his responsibility to the next generation of artists and filmmakers. A mature audience is recommended for reading about Preston Dent’s life story, which is not PG-rated. Drug dealer stories, street dreams, incarceration, Hip-Hop, and an unwavering belief in one’s own ability to succeed are just some of the things that fuel his insatiable desire. 

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