Rapper Stvckz Pushes Creative Boundaries In Latest Discography and Hints New Album

August 14, 2022 0

IMG_20220422_170751_6831-500x500 Rapper Stvckz Pushes Creative Boundaries In Latest Discography and Hints New Album

Some musicians, like Stvckz, promise enchanting melodies while real and high-quality music begins to fade from the mainstream arena.


We are really anxious and happy to listen to this musical artist’s magnificent production “Rida Talk,” an emotionally-driven opus that honors music in all its grandeur since we know it will bless our ears and souls.


On August 27th, “Rida Talk” featuring Rockstar Ham will be released, and in September 2022, he plans to release another album called “Hustlaz Story”. With how caring he is as an artist, people have been stunned by his constancy. He will also be joined on this album by Rockstar Ham, a brilliant buddy of his. He’s always wanted to drop since it has that summertime club vibe.


He has a distinctive tone, which makes his songs special. He argues that his music is a testament to changing his style at the beginning of his musical career. This is because he found it annoying when people said he reminded them of a certain rapper.


Stvckz quotes some of the highlights of his musical career “The best moment of all the shows I’ve opened for, including those for major artists like “Jim Jones,” “Dave East,” “Young M.A.,” and the late “Chinx Drugz,” was when I did so for “Chase Fetti,” and a fan came up to me afterward to tell me that the song I played helped him get through prison. That gave me a boost and inspired me to work even harder.”


“Hard work always pays off yes you gonna do things wrong sometimes that’s how you learn, just shake it off and grind harder than ever before, take chances, don’t listen to the haters just keep doing you. Remember people will doubt you and what you do because they’re scared to chase their own dreams. These are some of the wise words coming out of Stvckz for the young artist.


He has an upcoming album called “Hustlaz Story” coming out on September 18th, as well as a few significant upcoming events that he is still keeping quiet about. Soon, he will formally begin working alongside his partner and brother Angel “M.O.” Valentin. SMG Records .

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