Ray Vaughn unveils a new video for his song “Picking Cherries”

April 22, 2022 0

Ray-Vaughn-500x281 Ray Vaughn unveils a new video for his song “Picking Cherries”

Top Dawg Entertainment, who according to their official press release had been a part of the label since 2020, announced last year that they had expanded their roster with the addition of Ray Vaughn. Aside from that, Long Beach’s best talent, Vaughn, also released an EP titled No Pressure, a sort of appetizer containing three songs and which he stated himself was inspired by his past:

“I would love to tell you about how I created the album. However, to be honest, visiting the place where these songs came from is a chaotic process. Enjoy the process rather than taking it too seriously.”

59th & Bethany, another powerful track that leaves you wanting more, is the only new track from No Pressure since it dropped last month. Ray Vaughn has fulfilled that need with a new single, “Picking Cherries,” a Dylan Graham and Tariq Beats production that finds Ray Vaughn speaking honestly about his past struggles in something akin to classic Meek Mill drops:

Sammy McEntire also provided a visual accompaniment to “Picking Cherries.” beginning with an image of a young Ray Vaughn with his family, supporting his ailing grandfather. The black-and-white clip is certainly worth watching several times, since it continues to reflect the potentially emotional subject.

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