Real Estate Guru Aaron Morris

April 25, 2022 0

On the Rise From Rags to Riches

Aaron Morris is a real estate guru from Detroit, Michigan and owner of Water Investments. Aaron has been involved in real estate since he was 16 years old, he has closed on hundreds of properties. Not only is Aaron a RE investor but he also owns his own record label, A1Entertainment. 

Between his real estate business and his record label, Aaron’s goal is to help people reach their dreams and own their own home. “I want to help other investors who are interested in starting their career, and build my record label to be one of the largest independent labels in the world” said Aaron when we asked what his goals look like. 

He started his career when a family friend, Garfield Lemonious, gave him a book by Carleton Sheets. Aaron read this book for a year and soon after closed his first real estate deal on his step mothers home, from there on he continued in real estate and has quick flipped over 500 properties.

Aside from closing on a strip mall in downtown Detroit, Aaron’s greatest accomplishment is closing on a hotel. He also just closed on a 60 condo complex just off the water in Bellville, Michigan.

Keep up with Aaron Morris and his growing enterprise on Instagram and at A1Entertainment

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