Renowned Philadelphia Artist D. Jones Releases New Single “Life Style”

May 17, 2022 0

Lifestyle-2-Cover-Jonesy-temp-final-500x500 Renowned Philadelphia Artist D. Jones Releases New Single "Life Style"

Philadelphia has always been a musically rich environment, and is known to birth some of the greatest MC’s and start some of the hardest trends to-date. Renowned artist D. Jones is one of many gems to derive from the city. He recently released his new single “Life Style” — a perfect track for a breezy summer night. Known for his lyricism, it runs all through “Life Style” effortlessly. The perfect balance of clever punchlines and storytelling, D. Jones is no lyrical amateur — he is the perfect example of hip-hop.

“Life Style” comes after a long resume of hot releases and traction. Those familiar with D. Jones may recognize him from his freestyle segment on HOT 97 with Funk Flex, alongside Dave East. Or from his hit single “Wooh” ft. Jadakiss and Dave East. D. Jones official discography is lengthy and solid, and only proves what fans can expect to come during 2022. For those new to D. Jones, “Life Style” is a great lyrical introduction. Stream below:

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