Sly Mike Single Review – “HYTA”

September 29, 2022 0

IMG_3511-500x500 Sly Mike Single Review – “HYTA”

North Carolina rapper Sly Mike is cut from a different cloth and his approach to his craft distinguishes him from the pack. Sly Mike brings a melodic rap flow to the game that rides over boommode trap-infused beats with a commanding swiftness. Touching the mic with zero pretense, his dynamic vocals and raw lyricism have manifested themselves into a number of attention-grabbing single releases such as “Usual“, “Unbothered” and “Sport Mode“.

Included in that collection of impressive singles, is the spotlight of today’s feature, a track titled “HYTA”, which is bolstered by the signature booming trap beats that characterize Sly Mike’s music. However, with “HYTA”, there is also a prominent R&B element blended into the production giving it that quintessential Pluggnb vibe. The hip-hop/R&B hybrid sound is compelling as it presents a hard edge sound smoothed out with some symphonic tones.

The musicality and rhythm of the instrumentation is off the charts with “HYTA” and it’s definitely something you can hear an R&B artist singing a full fledged ballad on, but hey, this is Sly Mike’s track and he turns in a blazing vocal performance; dropping that melodious type rap flow referenced above with a magnetic bounce. He drops his bars right in line with every boom of the bass line and 808 while keeping in harmony with the various R&B style phrases and riffs.

So I’m sure you’re all curious as to what exactly HYTA stands for. Sly Mike explains the concept behind the track as he shares, “HYTA is an acronym for “how you tryna act” and the song itself is about his never ending hustle to keep pushing through fake friends, heart break, and all other negativities. It’s to the point that his mindset is not into the typical social media lifestyle but one of a determined entrepreneur”.

That goes to my point above that Sly Mike is coming at this rap game from a different perspective and it shines through in his tracks and mindset. It’s definitely a formula for success that I believe will propel him to carve a unique niche in the industry for years to come.

“HYTA” is available on all streaming platforms, and you can stream it on repeat via the Spotify link below. Place it in your top playlists and save it to the Favorites Library! Scroll below to connect with Sly Mike via his social media platforms and we’ve also enclosed the full-length lyrics to “HYTA” so you can follow or rap along with Sly Mike as you listen to the track. Enjoy!

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