Stack13 Underground Hip-Hop artist from California

October 7, 2022 0
unnamed-2-1-400x500 Stack13 Underground Hip-Hop artist from California


Underground hip-hop artist STACK13 uses music to express deep emotional truths, honor and remember lost loved ones, and guide others through the hardest moments in life. She views rapping as a vital outlet, not a vehicle for fame, and is unafraid to tackle subjects like death, depression, and PTSD in her lyrics. Her songs resonate with authenticity, revealing a sharp wit and low-key delivery reminiscent of artists like Chance The Rapper, Logic, and Immortal Technique. After releasing a series of singles on SoundCloud, STACK13 dropped their debut full-length DEEBO in May 2021. The album, dedicated to her aunt (who was nicknamed after the character from Friday and passed away in 2020), celebrates her spirit and strength in thirteen memorable tracks. Her second album, On The Verge, is set for release in 2023.
Born and raised in California, STACK13’s unique perspective is informed by personal experiences as well as her Native American, Mexican, and Samoan heritage. She started writing music and poetry at 11 years old, later rapping over the radio with a tape recorder. Her musical interests span a wide spectrum, from 40s radio to 90s rap, with a penchant for emotionally-driven narratives about overcoming adversity. Heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur’s open discussion of his own struggles, STACK13 is inspired by those who endure hardship and end up stronger. “Music helps you process feelings and keep friends and family alive forever. Even if you think you’re alone, you never really are.”

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