The Breaking Star From Wilmington, Delaware “Banga Jaxon”

December 1, 2022 0

D3CA1F74-37F8-4F2D-86BC-6778864FE9A2-500x207 The Breaking Star From Wilmington, Delaware “Banga Jaxon”

Coming from Wilmington Delaware an Independent and upcoming artist, who started creating a buzz in Philadelphia, working with Rocky G-unit, OTF and others. He started paving his way into music when he was 12 years of age. As a talented rapper/Artist he was inspired to start making music by “Ludacris” and music videos by Jerry Phd, Diamond Visuals, ChopMosley , & PainfullyGifted Visuals. His kids, environment and lifestyle surrounded him (also feels he is made for music) and varied taste in music. Seeing how people reacted and the way music helped by expressing his feelings was the main reason he loves Music.

Demetrius Jackson creates music with a dark twist that’s actually positive .Also known as “Banga Jaxon”, he was afraid to unveil his highs and lows in life, He is known for his fast flow they say he flow like a wave in the ocean and opting to shine a spotlight on what makes him human and the odds he has defied throughout his career. Creating his music is his biggest passion

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The amazing artist from Wilmington Delaware, has shown from his quality of songs his dedication and hardwork to make a difference in the music industry even as an independent artist. Also he has accomplished a blessed lot over the years give or take. He has taken the time to brand himself as a talented artist, as well as bring his craft to an acceptable level for himself (though he is constantly striving to improve).

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