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Cranking up the volume on the Real McKoy’s latest release – the stunning album “The Mack Too ” – is a trip in itself, one that we think anyone needs to go on. Here is one album you definitely won’t regret playing, or saving on your Spotify, as it’s one of the most emotional, full of attitude releases we’ve encountered this year.


Taking its name from the cult classic film “The Mack” of the 1970s (which dealt with the radical blaxploitation of the era, and starred actors Richard Pryor and Max Julien), “The Mack Too” is a spunky, yet evocative album that hits where it hurts. Tinged with attitude and guts, “The Mack Too” addresses an array of topics visibly close to the artist’s heart. As the title suggests, it’s as much a personal release as it is a social album.


On this latest music venture, the Real McKoy takes us on a deeply motivational trip into the heart of who he is, as an artist, but also as a man. “The Mack Too” explores complex topics close to the human heart, such as integrity, and pride, but also care, and vulnerability. Throughout, the artist comes across as a unique and personal musician, who isn’t afraid to look to the dark corners, if it means making his music more authentic and honest.


Tracks like “Let’s Groove” and “Return of the Mack” carry a quiet, almost sensual groove that’s soft yet powerful and sounds almost like a ballad. One full of spunk and courage.




Then you’ve got songs like “The Cowboy Way” and “I’m on it” that crank it up a bit, and turn up the heat, but still deliver a bold, colorful taste of music straight to the earbuds.


And as if sensing that last juicy piece of something the album needed, the Real McKoy indulges us with soulful tracks like “Love U All the Time”, which can only be described as a modern day love song, that takes us from undying adoration to colorful sexting.


What can we say, “The Mack Too” is an album with a little something for everyone, and we couldn’t be more in awe.

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