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Screen-Shot-2022-04-28-at-11.08.07-PM TINK and 2 CHAINZ New Single “CATER” OUT NOW

R&B singer/songwriter TINK releases her newest single and video for CATER with icon 2 CHAINZ today, April 29th, 2022 via EMPIRE, available on all streaming platforms. Tink’s sultry lyrics and smooth harmonies perfectly complement the sensual video that accompanies the single, paving the way for Tink’s new phase in the evolution of her artistry. 

Making this record was real organic. I sent Hitmaka a list of songs that I wanted to reference on my next album. ‘Cater 2 U’ by Destiny’s Child has always been a favorite of mine. We went to the studio , and I recorded my verse over just the keys. Then an hour later Hitmaka came in and added the drums and beat around it. So we really built it up in one night. We sent it to 2 Chainz and he vibed with it a lot & that was exciting for Me!!! Hearing it all come together. Piece by piece.” explains TINK. 

This single, paying homage to Destiny’s Child hit “Cater 2 U” is the first to be released from her upcoming project which sees Tink dive even deeper into her cultivated R&B finesse and shows a new side of her being in love. The video follows Tink as she sings about “catering” to her man’s needs, in which she dresses up as a waitress to literally cater an event at which the “man of her dreams” watches her from a cocktail table (featuring her producer and real-life boyfriend Hitmaka). The video itself represents a new direction for Tink, as she retains all the essential classic elements of R&B while infusing them with modern narratives and motifs. 

“We started this project & we had a lot of records done in Orlando. Myself & Tink went to Miami & I asked her what songs she would like to flip & she said Destiny’s Child “Cater to you”. Crazy enough I had already done the music with Paul Cabbin so I sent her just the music only. From there when I arrived at circle house she wrote the entire song upon hearing the record. I got with Bizness Boi, added the drums & we were off and running. Shortly after we went to see Troy Taylor cause I felt he had a certain aesthetic for R&B & he’s a legend. I decided I wanted to bring back bridges and that’s exactly what we did. Then 2 Chainz who is a personal friend loved the record and he laced us. The rest is history. “Cater” is going to be a big HIT” States Hitmaka. 

Following the success of her 2021 LP “Heat of the Moment,” the new single marks a new era for the artist, who boasts signings with Empire and a co-sign by Cardi B, that recognizes her undeniable star quality as “the future of R&B.” With further releases on the horizon, Tink enters a new era of her identity that sees her grow even further into her songwriting and performing skills. 



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