“Tonight” – [Wavvii Baby, Jay-Oh, Chukkuma OTB]

July 5, 2022 0
Wavvii-Baby-334x500 “Tonight” – [Wavvii Baby, Jay-Oh, Chukkuma OTB]

Wavvii Baby

Hailing from California, Wavvii Baby’s  evolution as an artist knows no borders, even when it comes to genres. “Tonight” is the latest release from the multifaceted artist, audio engineer, and entrepreneur, combining elements of west coast and east coast vibes. In collaboration, Jay-Oh and Chukkuma OTB inputted their unique skills, making “Tonight” the best two minutes and 52 seconds on the indie catalog, in our opinion. With the blend of genres, merging of lyrical skill, and an eye-catching music video, Wavvii Baby does the nickname “the goat” justice.  

One single cannot simply showcase all of Wavvii Baby’s capabilities. Entering multiple avenues of the music business within the 12 years, her success as a singer-songwriter has brought her to organic growth, a platinum record, and a loyal fanbase that appreciates the rich lyrics heard within songs. You can find her words within the platinum record “My Truck” by Breland. 

“I make music for the ones that believe in themselves 100%,” she tells us. 

Authentic Empire Music Group discovered the artist, eventually signing a distribution deal. Other achievements include leading the Strabians Worldwide movement, building Cliffy Z, and songwriting for other rising stars. Troy Taylor and Sam Hunt are other major names she’s worked side by side with. 

Wavvii Baby’s distinct sound and creativity is what makes her work unique, and while one cannot compare her to any other artist, her “outside the box” mentality does resemble Kanye West’s use of creative freedom. After you dive into “Tonight”, take a listen to “LVLS”, where you’ll officially discover your new favorite artist.


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