Who is Manny Megz?

July 29, 2022 0

The underground hip hop community has seen this name pop up in recent months quite often. First it began with Hus King-Pin and Wessidegunn dropping victims of Vogue remix, and his name was amongst these two legends. Then we see Conway and Hus drop playoffs yet again with Manny’s name and his beat. Then the big names kept coming and other blog sites and tweets have been sharing Manny’s name. But who is this producer that seems to have come out of no where? He Goes by Manny Megz and he is a 25 year old producer from a small city called Tucson, Arizona. I got the chance to talk with Manny to dive deeper into who the person is behind the name that seems to be bubbling up in the scene and here is a quick summary of who he is.

Manny Megz grew up in a small city, Tucson, Arizona. Most of his life he was a break dancer and started at the age of 9. “Bboying took over my life”. In high school Manny became very interested in film and won A state championship in cinema. “ I love to story tell, you can hear it in the music I make.. I got a lot of that from creating films and learning the process of story telling through and through. “ Manny also was very successful in his break dance career winning another 2 state championships in high school. But Manny wasn’t always a young successful artist. Manny talks about the process of getting to that point.

“ I grew up on the south side and was getting into a lot of bad sh*t. I was smoking cigarettes with my unc in 6th grade, drinking tequila during P.E 7th grade, used to set trash cans on fire and sh*t. I was a bad *ss little kid. I think my dad started to see the path me and my brother were going down and stacked his money up… got us out of that. That changed my life yo. He’s a real one for that. Better education and just being around other creative people that weren’t slanging to fund their creative dreams helped me understand life doesn’t have to be like that. So when I got in high school my life mentor/teacher Kristi really helped me become the artist I am today and showed me how to move and hustle without the mentality I was brought up in.”

Manny began his music career because he felt like breakdance and film had limitations, he started to get into music after seeing 9th wonder make a beat through Rhythm Roulette. “ I saw that sh*t and fell in love with the process.” Manny worked on music every single day for the next two years. I wanted to talk to him about how him and Hus connected and how that relationship began. “Sh*t is simple, the homie pike tagged me in a tweet where he dropped his email to someone else asking to send him beats, I sent him a pack and Hus just really fucked with my production. Up until that point I wasn’t sending beats out because I’ve always focused on my individual albums and projects.. I think the universe just set that up for us to win together. Hus is one of my favorites cause he makes fly music for women and grimey shit to. Now me and Hus all the way locked in.”

Wrapping our conversation up we talked about his new album Art is Pain and what’s next for him. “Sh*t that’s my best piece of work out right now. I put everything into that b*tch and I’m only getting better. Me and Hus are gonna keep cooking and I want to try and get some big placements, work on some EPs with my Tucson family and deliver the best music possible.“

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And if you didn’t know… now you know who Manny Megz is.

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